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Clients We Serve

We work with over 5,000 clients and strive, every day, to exceed their expectations while providing the best retirement options available.

"Polycomp has been great to work with. They’ve assisted with our understanding of how our type of pension plan needs to be managed, monitored and reported. They’ve given us great tools to use during the plan year. Their communication with me as to any new IRS rules has been outstanding, has always been on time, and with plenty of notice. I wouldn’t trust any other Administrator with our Plan."

Julia A. Wilbert
System 3, Inc. Employee’s Retirement Plan


"Knowledge, courtesy, promptness, and technological skills of the staff members, and the professional approach to all transactions involving real estate purchases within an IRA. I feel like Polycomp has watched my back and answered any questions I have to ensure that I do not fall into a prohibitive transaction by making an incorrect decision."

Edward H. Mock
IRA Owner


"The people I have worked with have been exceptional. They have been professional, helpful and very understanding of our needs and issues. It has been a welcome relief to work with such competent and professional people."

Kandee Crossley
West Hills Construction


"Polycomp was always there to help me when needed. I have never had any problems with the administration of our trust. For all the many years that they have been taking care of our trust. We have had other offers to run our system claiming to be cheaper, but they are always denied as we don’t want to rock the boat and are quite satisfied with what we have."

Dan Bridgeman
Advanced ADBAG Packaging, Inc. Profit Sharing Plan


"All of the Polycomp personnel I have dealt with over the first year I have used a self directed IRA have done a fantastic job in processing the loan docs and funding the new loans in a minimal amount of time. I am very impressed with their level of expertise and their ability to relate well to me and my brokers."

Douglas White
IRA Owner