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Our Client Advocate

Pam Stitt, QKA, Pension Consultant & Client Advocate

As Polycomp's Pension Consultant and Client Advocate, Pam is responsible for ensuring our clients receive exceptional service.

With more than 30 years of qualified plan experience, Pam brings expertise, as well as an empathetic demeanor, to this role and her interactions. Since joining Polycomp, she has held the positions of Pension Administrative Consultant, Marketing Pension Consultant, and Administration Team Manager.

Pam has been described by both colleagues and clients as bringing a “calming presence” to discussions, being “very understandable and helpful,” and providing a high level of “credibility and professionalism.” This compassion along with her consultative skills and ability to decode convoluted regulations into everyday language makes Pam a natural fit for the Client Advocate position.

Polycomp clients are encouraged to contact Pam with feedback regarding Polycomp service.

Pam Stitt

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(800) 952-8800