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Retirement Plans

We focus on the design, installation and administration of employer-sponsored retirement plans.

We DO NOT recommend or sell investments.


Frequently we meet with business owners such as yourself who are surprised at how customized their company retirement plan can be. They often think that every employee must be covered for the same level of contributions or benefits. Au contraire. A few samples of our client’s plans include:

  • Employer contributions are based on metrics such as work safety issues, industry certification.
  • Different geographic locations of the employer receive different matching contributions based on that division’s/location’s profitability.
  • Employer contributions vary by job description.

To accomplish the right fit, our consultants:

  • Meet with you and your advisors to define goals and expectations.
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine the best plan design.

We assist you every step of the way by:

  • Providing signature-ready plan documents and employee enrollment forms.
  • Assisting your financial advisor with coordination of the investment platform.
  • Coordinating assimilation meeting with your operations staff.

We ensure your plan runs smoothly by:

  • Assigning your plan to a primary administrative consultant who will be familiar with your plan – no call center!
  • Educating your office staff to help them understand the plan and its operation.

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"I like talking with a human; my Administrative Consultants could not be more helpful, pleasant and patient as they bring me up to speed and answer my questions."Paul InglesRosenthal & Company LLC