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Investor Choice IRA®

An Investor Choice IRA can hold several different types of assets as investments.

Qualified asset types

Regulations limit the types of assets that can be held in the account and there are strict rules for recordkeeping, reporting to the IRS and how investment transactions are structured and handled.

We do not recommend or sell investments. We work closely with our client's trusted advisors for investment services to ensure clear communication and implementation.

Secured Notes

A type of lending agreement in which a loan is backed, or secured, with some type of collateral.


Unsecured Notes

Similar to debentures, these notes are a type of loan which are not secured by the issuer's assets.


Real Property

An investment type that includes land, buildings, other structures, rights and interests.

LP and LLC Interests

Investments in funds or entities structured as limited liability companies or limited partnerships.

Privately Held Stock

Shares from privately held companies which are not offered to the general public or traded on a public exchange.


Precious Metals

This investment includes, but is not limited to: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.



Asset types that are prohibited by the IRS

The IRS prohibits IRA investments (whether self-directed or traditional) in:

  • Life insurance
  • Collectibles, such as art, stamps, certain coins, antiques and alcoholic beverages
  • S-Corporation Stock
If you have any questions about why these assets are excluded, please contact us.