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Precious Metals

A popular option for investors interested in including a physical commodity or natural resource in their retirement portfolio.

The IRS allows investments in precious metals that meet certain minimum fineness requirements. Generally, acceptable metals are gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which can be purchased as bullion coins or bullion bars. Gold coins, bars and bullion must meet a minimum fineness requirement of 0.995; silver coins, bars and bullion must meet 0.999 in fineness; and platinum and palladium coins and bars must be at least 0.9995 in fineness.

You must find a precious metals dealer from whom to purchase coins, bars or bullion. Once you have selected a dealer, Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc. will make the arrangements to purchase the metals using your IRA funds. The dealer will ship the metals to our depository, Delaware Depository, for storage and safekeeping. The IRS does not allow you, the IRA Owner, to take physical possession of the metals; as the custodian of your retirement account, Polycomp must hold the metals on your behalf.

It’s important to note that there are certain coins that cannot be held in an IRA; the metal content may not meet minimum fineness requirements or the coin may be a limited edition mint that may be considered rare and hence a collectible (thereby prohibited by the IRS as a retirement account investment).

Precious Metal Requirements