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Working with Us


There are numerous reasons Polycomp is the first choice for many advisors:

  1. We do not sell investments, nor are we an Agent or Broker of Record on any client account.
  2. We have years of experience working with a long list of investment platforms.
  3. We know whom to call to get things done because we are on the preferred TPA list of many investment platforms.
  4. We can be record keeper of retirement plans that hold private stock, real property, and notes, as well as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. We can adapt our system to meet client specific needs.
  5. We can administer plans that have any of, or a combination of, the following account formats:
    • Trustee directed: Participants do not have a choice of investments. The account is professionally managed and participants receive annual statements.
    • Participant directed: Participants choose their investment allocation from a selection of funds. (Typical in most 401(k) plans.)
    • FBO accounts: Participants each have their own brokerage account with unlimited choice of investments.

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