EFAST2 FAQs | Qualified Retirement Plans

What is EFAST2?

An all-electronic system called EFAST2 receives and processes annual Forms 5500 and 5500-SF.

Who does this affect?

This affects all plan sponsors (excluding owner and spouse only plans) who will sign and submit Form 5500s.

What do I need to do?

If you will be filing a Form 5500 or Form 5500 SF, the individual who will be signing the Annual Report must obtain EFAST2 electronic credentials. The credentials will consist of a User ID and PIN. We recommend that you obtain your credentials as soon as possible so you will have them when it comes time to electronically sign and submit your 5500.

How do I obtain my credentials?

  • Designate an e-mail address to use for communication associated with your Form 5500 filing. It should be one that is monitored regularly as this will be used for communication from the Department of Labor regarding your Form 5500. Your regular e-mail address will work.
  • Go to efast.dol.gov, click “Register” on the Main menu and follow the online instructions. Note: You will register as "Filing Signer."
  • You will receive an email from the DOL that you must respond to in order to complete the registration process. Please be aware that emails may go to your SPAM/Junk email box - be sure to check these boxes for email from the DOL.
  • Inform your Polycomp Administrator that you have completed the EFAST2 registration process from the e-mail address you will be using. We will need this information when preparing your Form 5500.

For more information visit: DOL EFAST2 FAQs