About Us | Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc.

Our Story

Delivering Retirement Solutions since 1974

Our company is distinguished by the depth of our experience in the field of retirement plan design and administration. Polycomp was founded in 1974, the same year as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted. Our founders’ vision was to provide the highest level of expertise in retirement plan design and compliance administration.

Polycomp’s success has been built on our highly skilled employees and our approach to delivering personalized plan consultation and administrative services. As a company we have worked with and helped thousands of individuals, employers, and associations to create, implement and maintain plans to allow them to achieve their long-term retirement benefit.

Polycomp does not sell or recommend investments to our clients. Instead, we focus on our client’s objectives and collaborate with other experts in the fields of accounting, financial planning and investments. Our objective is to assure our clients that every opportunity is created to maximize the effectiveness and results of their plan and that they benefit from the most current knowledge and practices.