Invest in the future with Polycomp



Invest in the future with Polycomp

Dec 22 2016

By Daniel Burgin

Many people know about investing retirement savings in well-established businesses and large corporations through stocks. In fact, over $10 trillion in IRAs and retirement plans are invested in the stock market. What if you want to use your retirement funds to invest in a startup company that has patented the latest and greatest technology, but they are not publicly traded? Most traditional IRA custodians will not hold any non-publicly traded investments, leading many investors to assume it can’t be done. This is not the case, as an Investor Choice IRA can unlock the power of your retirement funds to invest in privately-held companies.


New technologies are being created and current technology is advancing rapidly every day. In fact, Moore’s Law states that computer processing speeds will double roughly every 18 months, so technology is truly advancing exponentially. With all of this progression and new innovations come new business opportunities,  seeking  additional capital to get started. Polycomp can provide you with the means to invest your IRA assets in new and exciting opportunities.


One of these companies, JustOne Organics, has developed a process to gently dry fruits and vegetables to a convenient crystal-flake form for anytime meals, juices, snacks, soups, smoothies and more. Founder and CEO David Rose had the following to say about Polycomp: “Polycomp has proven themselves to be a dream to work with, for us and our investors – through providing the best quality service and care I’ve seen, consistently for over five years now in our direct experience”.


There are several ways to structure a small business investment: 

Option #1: A private loan where the investor and the business owner decide on the terms of the loan.  Option #2: The purchase of equity or stock ownership.  Option #3: A 'convertible note' which begins as a debt instrument, converting at a later date into equity ownership. 

These are the most common small business investments made using retirement savings and an experienced ERISA attorney well-versed in IRA rules and regulations can help create an investment structure best suited for both the investor and business owner.


Where do you begin?  

If you are an investor: Find a small business you’d like to support and discuss your investment options with the business owner (consult an attorney, if needed). Contact us to open an Investor Choice IRA,  and transfer funds from your existing IRA at a bank or brokerage firm, or rollover funds from a qualified retirement plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), 457, profit sharing plan, defined benefit plan, etc. Our team of experts will guide you through each step of funding the investment. 


If you are a business owner: Consult an attorney to determine a suitable investment structure for your business needs. If you know colleagues, friends or family members who would like to invest in your business, call Polycomp to explore your options. Our IRA consultants can be reached at or 800.952.8800.