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I'm a Savvy Investor; How Can I Take Control of My IRA?

Oct 19 2016

Traditionally, retirement savings are invested in publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds in portfolios managed by brokerage firms. This hands-off approach to retirement investing works well for many individuals, however for those of you who have been disillusioned by stock market performance over the years, there may be a better option.

Fall 2016 Quarterly Update

Oct 07 2016

Our quarterly newsletter includes valuable information on minimum distribution dates for 2016, changes to our real property administration fees, and how to property document a loss or failed investment.

Funding Strategies for Real Estate IRA Investments (Real Estate Summer Series, Part 4 of 4)

Sep 19 2016

You know by now that making real estate investments with your IRA is possible, and you may even have a piece of property or a project you’re interested in but you simply don’t have enough funds in your 401k or your IRA to make it happen. There are multiple funding strategies you can utilize with a little outside-the-box thinking.